Sawdust briquettes

We produce and sell sawdust briquettes (brick-shaped - RUF type).

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We produce and sell sawdust briquettes (brick-shaped - RUF type). We produce briquettes from sawdust and do not use any chemical additives or glue. The main raw material in our briquettes is birch sawdust, dried up to 8 % +/- 2 % moisture and pressed under high pressure into eight times smaller density. Wood sawdust briquettes produce a lot of heat and are environment-friendly fuel suitable for several types of heating boilers, furnaces and fireplaces. Using sawdust briquettes due to low moisture and high heat, chimney flues won’t get blocked, briquettes burn slow, so there is no need to attend the furnace or boiler very often, also a very little amount of ash remains. Briquettes do not spoil the unpleasant odor, does not require the storage of fuel in large areas, they are convenient and clean to use. We sell briquettes directly both to consumers and solid fuel traders, legal or natural persons in Lithuania and EU. We can label briquettes with our brand name or logo of the customer. Typically, we sell briquettes in EXW conditions (we do the loading), but we can also sell them under DAP conditions by organizing transport services up to the warehouse of the customer.

Characteristics of briquettes:

- Measurements of the briquettes: 60x90x150 mm
- Package weight: 10 kg
- The package contains: 12 briquettes
- On the palette: 960 kg (96 packages)
- Caloric content: 4500 kcal/kg +/- 10 % or 18841 kJ/kg +/- 10 %
- Ash-content (As): 0,3-0,8 %
- Moisture (Wd): 6-10  %

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